apple-watch-series-2-wrist-1474645503-dBLJ-full-width-inline-1 APPLE WATCH SERIES 2

IPhone compatible, the Apple Watch Series 2 brings style and class to your fitness tracking watch. The built in GPS lets you immediately track mileage, map your routes and your speed during outdoor activities such as running, cycling and swimming. Using the workout app, the heart rate monitor lets you stay within your training zone for optimal health benefits. The workout app also lets you select your physical activity from a long list that includes volleyball, stair climbing, elliptical machines, swimming, running and yoga. It also syncs with other workout apps that you currently use to record your progress. The OLED display uses a variety of motivational tools such as colorful rings that show your step progress and activity displays to accurately track your exercise. The Apple Watch Series 2 connects wirelessly to headphones so music can also motivate your workout routine. The Health App on your iPhone stores all of your data in one place, but you can also use other health apps to store your information. The Apple Watch Series 2 includes a guided breathing display to help you relax and overcome stress. You get instant notification of incoming calls or texts and can access Siri with vocal commands. The clock face is digitally changeable to match your style and needs. You can also change the watch band to pair with your style and comfort. The Apple Watch Series 2 lasts 18 hours on one charge or 5 hours with GPS use.


  • iPhone pairing
  • Wireless headphones for music
  • Health App to store all your information
  • Changeable physical activities
  • Breathing guide
  • Changeable watch face and wrist band
  • Large, bright display
  • Can be worn while swimming


  • Cost
  • Limited battery hours


Apple’s Watch Series 2 fitness tracker earns 4 out of 5 stars. It’s classic design and easy to read display are beneficial to its use. The watch is expensive and the battery life limited, which deducts from a full 5-star rating.


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