Whether you’re a fan of the Insanity® regime, or getting a body like Shaun T’s is your ultimate goal, you’re sure to have heard of the Beachbody Shaun T25 workout. Delivered in just 25 minutes, Beachbody Shaun T25 is a workout based on Focused Interval Training, delivering great results in a fraction of the time of many standard workouts. If you’re time-poor, then Beachbody Shaun T25 is certainly something to consider, especially when you consider who developed it and why.

Who’s Behind Beachbody Shaun T25?

Fitness guru Shaun T began his journey to stardom after taking up a post as health program manager at Wyeth, a world-renowned pharmaceutical company, but his career soon took a turn into the limelight when he began to create a successful dance career, touring with stars such as Mariah Carey and helping choreograph moves for box office smash Bring It On: All or Nothing.

Although Beachbody Shaun T25 is a relatively new phenomenon, his partnership with Beachbody actually started with the release of Hip Hop Abs in 2007. More success followed in the guise of successful programs for both children (Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club) and adults (Rockin’ Body and the hugely successful INSANITY amongst others) and he has developed his programs each time to bring fat burning and muscle toning to those out there looking to improve their body.

Shaun’s latest foray, Beachbody Shaun T25, packs all the benefits of his previous programs into manageable 25-minute sessions, ideal for busy housewives and stressed execs alike – and the results have been shown to be outstanding.

What does T25 involve?

A full-body based routine; Beachbody Shaun T25 is a series of 10 different 25-minute workouts. The Alpha phase of the workout covers Cardio, Speed 1.0 (a number of movements done extremely quickly) a total body circuit, followed by abdominal intervals and ending with Lower body focus. One Beachbody Shaun T25 workout should be done once per day for four days, with two workouts on day 5, a rest day on day 6 and a stretching session on the seventh day.

As the program progresses into the second week, the Beachbody Shaun T25 workout enters the beta phase, with another 5 workouts that includes an upper focus, Speed 2.0, a Dynamic Core workout, Core Cardio and a Rip’t circuit too.

In both phases of the Beachbody Shaun T25 workouts, a muscle group is worked until it reaches fatigue, then the workout moves onto another. There are, therefore no rest breaks in the T25 workout – so it is not for the faint of heart. The results can be dramatic, however, and its no wonder that Beachbody T25 is making as much of an impact as Shaun T’s other workout programs.

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