best-21-day-extreme-reviews 21 Day Fix Extreme
best-21-day-extreme-review 21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme Review Introduction.

Over the past few months, the nutrition writers for My Fitness Living have been exploring how the food we eat has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. Weight loss continues to be an issue of nationwide importance with studies on the growth of obesity frequently aired to discuss the causes – with fast food and processed foods often identified as the primary culprits. But, similarly, insufficient time to exercise is also often to blame and is a complaint that many of us in today’s busy 24/7 ‘city-never-sleeps’ s world have when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. In some cases, greater exposure to (and excessive consumption of) convenient junk meals – particularly those comprising of fatty fried foods – place many in a vulnerable position and at risk not only to obesity problems but heart problems too.

To fix the issue, companies have created a multitude of weight loss programs and products – each one promising to be much better than the next. And, with so many available on the market, it’s understandable for consumers to feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. So what really does work? Which ones don’t live up to the hype? And which program/product is right for me? It’s our mission at My Fitness Living to find out.

Today, we’re going to review a leading choice for those seeking a regimented fitness program that guarantees to offer substantial weight loss results in a short space of time. Our nutrition team took a closer look at the 21 Day Fix Extreme Plan to see if it was genuinely worth the money.

Developed by fitness and nutrition specialist, Autumn Calabrese, this program is yet another branch of Calabrese’s highly regarded and trustworthy 21 Day Fix fitness and meal plan “empire”!

21-Day-Fix-Extreme-Released 21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme Review Breakdown

The 21 Day Fix Extreme has similar attributes as its predecessor (the 21-Day Fix). This more recent version, however, promotes itself as being far more intense.

Is the 21-Day Fix Extreme Plan right for you?

If you’re seeking a quick-fix workout plan built to transform your already fit physique into that of an Adonis, then you could benefit from acquiring this 21-Day Fit Extreme, produced by BeachBody.

We found this particular workout plan to be very effective. It includes workout routines that provide sufficient variety and scope to help you stay inspired, and these kind of challenging exercises are accessible in hassle-free DVD format.

Additionally, this extreme workout plan, which triggers impressive upgrades in three short weeks, offers beneficial and realistic meal plan instructions too, along with plastic containers which ensures you don’t exceed the recommended portion size. Portion control (together with routine workouts) is of course vital for weight reduction!

This program is extraordinarily simple because it safely shocks the body system into being toned, fit and lean! It’s not a long-lasting fitness/diet plan, though hopefully (after seeing great results) you will be encouraged to continue making use of these fitness guidelines for years to come. This plan is intended to provide tangible outcomes, which promote personal satisfaction using total body reliance – without having to take several months to finish!

To ensure that you understand the fundamentals, let’s explore the exactly what program is offering. As soon as you’ve learned how all of it functions, you may be tempted to purchase the program online, which you can do this through the 21 Day Fix Official Website!

Price of 21 Day Fix Extreme

The Basic Package will cost you around $60, plus shipping costs. However, the Deluxe Package which includes lots of additional items is around the $120 price mark depending on where you purchase the product (click here to see where to purchase from).

So, who would fare the best with the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

This program is perfect for anybody trying to shed weight. However, the same is valid for almost all legitimate weight-loss programs. Therefore, listed below are some groups of people that the 21-Day Fix is made for.

  • Those that have failed at losing weight before.
  • Those unable to maintain long-term diet plans.
  • Anyone who requires results quickly.
  • Anyone who hates visiting the gym.
  • Those who do not like determining and weighing meal portions.


  • Effective Workouts: The 21-Day Extreme makes the most of your time and effort, focusing on all parts of your body.
  • Meal Control: Keep healthy and balanced, and quit guessing at meal times.
  • Meal Schedule: Stick to the plan of six meals per day and ignore the treats that may weigh your body down.
  • Customized Moves: I want to emphasize, this program is not for newbies, however, the modifiers do offer you some flexibility.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: In case the 21 Day Fix Extreme is not for you, then simply return it within one month.


  • Challenging: Some individuals aren’t quite prepared for the challenge that the 21-Day Fix Extreme brings. The biggest challenge being that these are short but intensive workouts fit into only 21 days. Always keep your personal expectations as realistic as possible and don’t carry out this workout until you are totally devoted.
  • Short-term Preference: Carrying out the exercises in 21 Day Fix only once or twice each month will help keep you in shape and toned, however, many people struggle after the first round or after a couple of days. So it’s important to stick at it.

What’s included in the 21 Fix Extreme workout…

1. Seven Extreme Workouts on two DVDs

There are seven workouts covering the seven-day week. But if you’re feeling seriously ambitious, you can try the double up plan for fourteen whole workouts. Each one of the workouts is intended to burn off major calories and every video focuses on various parts of your body.

  • Plyo Fix Extreme: Shaping and building up your lower body with energized jumping workouts and resistance training.
  • Upper Fix Extreme: Alternate arms, back, chest, and shoulders to enhance muscle definition.
  • Pilates Fix Extreme: Make use of your workout mat as well as resistance bands to do a quick form of the fitness craze that grabbed the attention of the country.
  • Lower Fix Extreme: Supply your butt, quads, hamstrings, and more with a modification to their regime and redefine your lower body.
  • Cardio Fix Extreme: Up your metabolic processes and cardiovascular health through weights and aerobic exercise.
  • Yoga Fix Extreme: Reset and energize your entire body, improving balance, strength and flexibility.
  • Dirty 30 Extreme: This is a little secret. Seven moves that sculpt your entire body.

2. Seven color-coded meal control containers and a 25-oz Shakeology shaker cup

The product does not include actual food items but it does include useful recipes and set-size containers. And given that many who struggle to lose weight have issues with portion control, this specially designed product helps guide you in the right direction and, if adhered to, prevents you from over eating.

The containers are coded as listed below:

  • Green Container – Veggies – 8 oz.
  • Purple Container – Fruit – 8 oz.
  • Two Orange Containers – Dressing & Seeds – 2 oz.
  • Yellow Container – Carbohydrates – 5 .3 oz.
  • Cardio Fix Extreme: Up your metabolic processes and cardiovascular health through weights and aerobic exercise.
  • Blue Container – Healthy fats (i.e. olive oil) – 2 .7 oz.
  • Red Container – Protein/Meats – 6 oz.
  • Shakeology cup for Drinks (Smoothies)

3. Start Here Guide

Even hardcore fitness devotees have to start somewhere if they want more from their programs. This guide will help you to stay on track while you eat and workout in order to move towards a better body. The ‘21 Day Fix Extreme Start Here’ Guide includes a calendar and workout breakdown as a quick reference and motivation to push yourself every day.

21-DAY-EXTREME-GUIDE-1 21 Day Fix Extreme

4. Diet Programs

There are two diet plans featured in this system. The standard 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan provides you with useful suggestions regarding how to get the most from your containers. And there is the ‘Countdown to Competition Diet’ plan, which happens to be a personal favorite, and is based upon the way you gear up for an important event.

Summary …. 

21 Day Fix Extreme
  • DIFFICULTY - 90%
  • END RESULTS - 95%


Absolutely no workout plan can guarantee success. Particularly if you don’t adhere to the recomendations. A high level of self-discipline is essential for these products to perform.
Notwithstanding the above, if the plan is followed with determination, the results will leave you impressed. Furthermore, the prices are below $120, meaning this program not only works, but also is really affordable.


Comparison Table…. 


best-21-day-extreme-reviews-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme




94% / 100%


$25 – $75


best-t25-workout-reviews-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


93% / 100%

$22 – $145

10-MINUITE-TRAINER-REVIEWS-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


92% / 100%

$22 – $145

body-beast-porthole-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


97% / 100%

$22 – $163

TurboFire-Inferno-Plan-1-570x570-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


91% / 100%

$27 – $94

getimage.asp_-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


94% / 100%

$22 – $144

s-l300-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


94% / 100%

$22 – $132

P90X3-Logo-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


95% / 100%

$39 – $359

5311_INSMAX30_TBB_CP_FB_ePostcards_BNA_BobS_qkf8af-1-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


93% / 100%

$35 – $156

best-Brazilian-Butt-Lift-Workout-review-1-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


90% / 100%

$27 – $122

Mackenzie-S-Transformation-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


93% / 100%

$22 – $98

best-px90-workout-review-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


95% / 100%

$24 – $156

p90x-training-program-review_nsm-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


86% / 100%

$24 – $122

DanielH-PiYo-150x150 21 Day Fix Extreme


93% / 100%

$24 – $135

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