At My Fitness Living, our staff writers are constantly on the look-out for shakes packed with healthy ingredients and ones which will healthily support an average person’s typical diet and exercise plan. We were told about Shakeology a few months ago which claimed to be a tasty weight-loss solution and at the same time one which enhances your energy, makes you look and feel healthier and improves your digestion. We thought that this seemed a little too good to be true so we put the product to work to see whether there was any truth in the claim. We then put together this review based on their feedback and to give you our good and the bad points about Shakeology.

BEST-SHAKEOLOGY-REVIEW Shakeology Review & Breakdown

So what exactly is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a shake which comes in a powder form and goes straight into your blender to form a ‘smoothie/milk shake’ type drink. The shake comes in various flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, green berry and a new café latte (check the full range here). The makers of Shakeology claim that their shakes are much more than just regular fuel for the body and state that they have travelled the world to find the most nutritious and quality super foods on the planet such as Sacha Inchi, Goji berries, Acai berries, Wheat grass and more. As you may already know, at My Fitness Living, we are really big on healthy and natural foods which consist of untold benefits such as Chia seeds and Maca Root. So, we thought it was great news that you can actually get these type of super foods in shakes and why we thought it makes Shakeology a very interesting product.

Another added bonus of Shakeology is that the product allows you to mix the shake with other ingredients in order to create your own unique blends (check out some of their recipes here.

So does Shakeology really work for weight loss?

Okay, so they taste great and get people talking but do Shakeology shakes actually work? Well, because of the nutritional make-up of the shakes, it was obvious that Shakeology is actually good for you. We took a detailed look at the ingredients and found that Shakeology actually ranks higher than many other products in the market in terms of nutritional value. Their shakes are packed with crucial minerals and vitamins, putting it well over 50% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) per serving.

Shakeology includes lots of non-essential but really good ingredients like wheat grass, barley grass, protein, fibers, as well as other “holistic” nutrients to help keep you feeling good. But does this mean they worked well as a good weight loss plan too? Well, after one shake, most of the participants were feeling full and had enough energy to keep us going throughout the day. Every shake has clearly labelled and a diverse range of constituents, calorie levels, and carbs, etc., and thus you need to take note of the label. For instance, the vegan chocolate offers 170 calories, 16g of protein, 22g of carbs, 9g of sugar, as well as 5g of fiber which may vary quite a bit from the green berry flavor. So if you’re counting calories, note each blend is but because of the content they are designed to keep you fuller for longer. And we found that there was a reason for this.

BEST-SHAKEOLOGY-NUTRITION-FACT Shakeology Review & Breakdown

How does Shakeology work?

There is a lot in one shake of i.e dietary fiber and proteins which satisfy your hunger pangs as well as a lot of volume in one serving. The shakes alone are quite thick so they do actually make you feel fuller for long. Sometimes we advise that you may want mix this with a watery beverage, (such as skimmed milk, water, or even a fruit juice). This is where the recommended recipes on the Shakeology website come in handy. So how does this help with weight loss? The shakes keep you full for a number of hours which means you snack less. The tasty recipes also meant that we find ourselves craving less for junk food.

Another interesting fact about Shakeology shakes is that they include ingredients which helps with the effects of stress. These ingredients are what they call ‘Adaptogen’ herbs. So we all know that most of us eat and drink more when we are stressed so by having these type of herbs in the shake, it helps eliminate this potentially weight gaining activity.

So like any diet plan, it’s important that you keep active to feel the full benefits. This shake can really work well together with a decent workout plan (check some workout reviews here to see if any of these suit you). If adhered to, Shakeology is truly a decent product.


  • The taste is excellent when compared with other shakes.
  • Shakeology possesses a lot more variety to select from.
  • Ability to choose “Home Direct” when purchasing.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Each shake costs $4, which can be expensive for some but it is a good quality shake and we expect to pay a little more for good quality.
  • It is inconsistent in texture and taste so important to find the right balance for you.


Each sample package consists of:

  • Four single-serve packets of Shakeology (1 Chocolate, 1 Greenberry, 1 Strawberry, as well as 1 Vanilla).
  • A Shakeology Welcome Manual describing the advantages of Shakeology.
  • A recipe card that tells you how to create all sorts of tasty concoctions.
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Where to buy Shakeology

Comparison Table…. 


slim-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown




94% / 100%


$10 +


Orgain-Featured-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


96% / 100%

$10 +

best-ever-shakeology-reviews-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


96% / 100%

$10 +

pGNC1-2436343dt-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


97% / 100%

$10 +

timthumb-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


94% / 100%

$10 +

218058225-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


97% / 100%

$10 +

Nutrisystem-logo-e1343770733172-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


98% / 100%

$10 +

4PETZvG--150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


95% / 100%

$10 +

380x380_IS_RP_NavBanners_IdealShake-112518-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


93% / 100%

$10 +

VegaOneNewLG-150x150 Shakeology Review & Breakdown


95% / 100%

$10 +

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