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Blue Apron is another option when you are ready to get your meals delivered. The company’s name displays honor for culinary students who are learning the art of cooking. They want to encourage this love in others and hope to inspire you with their ready to be made food. Blue Apron partners with family-run farms that support sustainability and no added hormones. If you are searching for healthy meats delivered to your door, Blue Apron is very particular when selecting quality foods. The seafood sent to you is also sustainably sourced. Blue Apron also uses only non-GMO products.

Blue Apron works with a team of chefs to develop 6 recipes each week. Depending on the meal plan you choose, you receive 3 or 4 meals. Blue Apron has vegetarian and pescatarian options for the 2-person meal plans. Unfortunately, these options are not available for the family of 4 meal delivery plan. With the 2-person plan, you select how many meals you want to receive each week- either 2 or 3. Then, you choose from 6 available recipes. For the family plan, if you are receiving meals 4 days a week, these are pre-selected and sent to you. If you choose a 2 meal plan, you are allowed to select your menu. The cost for the 2-person plan is $9.99 per meal. The cost per meal for the family plan is $8.74.

You are not locked into a contract with Blue Apron and can cancel or delay your shipments. The company delivers to 48 of the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. A few things that make Blue Apron unique are its monthly wine delivery services, how-to videos, blog support and special stories about ingredients. Blue Apron supplies wine to complement your meals when your sign up for their at-home wine delivery program. The bottles are the perfect size for 2 people and remove the guesswork surrounding matching your wine to your meal.

Blue Apron wants you to be successful when cooking and goes beyond just a recipe card to ensure your satisfaction. If you are struggling with a recipe, the web-site has how-to videos to provide guidance. In addition, the blog is a wonderful place to search for cooking tips. To further your culinary skills, you receive a back story on some of the ingredients so you can learn where a spice comes from and what makes it an important part of the meal. This meal delivery company expects you to have salt, pepper and olive oil in your cupboard to complete the recipes. The menu tells you calorie content and nutritional value, but the calorie content may rise depending on your use of oil to taste.

How Blue Apron Works

You log into your Blue Apron account and view the recipes for the week. Blue Apron does not repeat recipes for a year, so you are always guaranteed a variety of foods. First, you choose the meal plan option for 2 people or for a family of 4. Then, unless you are receiving 4 meals each week, you select the meals you want to receive. The food arrives packaged tightly in a box with ice and will stay fresh on your doorstep until you get home. When you are ready to cook, follow the recipe card and use the precisely measured ingredients to prepare a delicious, high-quality meal at home.


  • Blue Apron’s food is non-GMO, hormone-free and sustainable. They work with family-run farms to delivery high quality food to your door and avoid products sitting on the grocery store shelf.
  • Options for vegetarians and pescatarians.
  • How-to videos and helpful blog tips on their web-site.
  • Monthly wine delivery to complement your meals.
  • Free shipping.


  • Depending on your meal frequency, you are not always allowed to select the meals you desire. For instance, if you choose the family plan option with 4 meals each week, Blue Apron chooses which meals to send to you.
  • Recipes are delivered once a year. While this is beneficial for food variety, if you find a recipe that you enjoy and want to see it again, you have to wait a year for it to return to the menu.
  • Does not deliver to Hawaii or Alaska.
  • Web-site has differing information. One page says that you can select 2-meal per week plans, while another says the only option is a 3-meal per week home delivery.
  • Expect you to have salt, pepper and olive oil.

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Blue Apron

$8.74- $9.99/plate



Vegetarian, Pescatarian

Home Chef




Gluten, Dairy, Vegetarian, Nut, Low-Carb, Low Calorie





Gluten Free, Nut-free

Bistro MD

$6.75- $13.50/plate



Gluten-Free, Low sodium

Marley Spoon




Some Vegetarian

Chef V

$5/drink- $879/21-Day Challenge



Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Sugar

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