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It’s been a while since this workout was put under the spotlight but after receiving a number of requests for it to be reviewed we decided to take a closer look at what CIZE actually has to offer.

Fronted by Beachbody personal trainer, Shaun T, CIZE has continued to grow in popularity since its release back in 2015. But why are people spending so much time, energy and cash on this product – our fitness writers leapt on the case to find out.

cize-workout-review-release-date Cize Workout Review

So what is CIZE Workout?

CIZE is an exercise program with a format similar to that of Zumba (albeit a more up-to-date version), mixing the latest hip music with fitness techniques that will get you sweating buckets and feeling the burn. We absolutely love Shaun T (famous for popular workouts like Focus T25 and Insanity) but we were a little dubious of the fancy dance moves that were presented in the CIZE trailer. Don’t get us wrong, we love dancing as much the next person but this came across more like a dance school than a fitness workout, seemingly full of wannabes divas auditioning for the latest MTV video. Working out is not the main focus of their marketing as they push the idea that it’s a video about learning how to dance. In fact, they even label it as ‘the end of exercise’ which is why it almost passed us by as more Fame than fitness

However, the more we did the more we got into it and soon it became apparent how many muscles we were actually using AND how much weight was being shed at the same time. We have to be honest, it wasn’t all plain sailing but it sure did shift our perception as to what the program was all about and revealed its potential health benefits.

The outline states that CIZE incorporates four weeks of workouts that are low impact and simple to learn, leading to a decrease in weight, accompanied by an improved overall body shape. And as we got stuck in, we saw the truth in these claims. It certainly may not be everyone’s thing but if you love music and love dancing (or even just the idea of dancing) then this is the perfect workout plan for you. In fact, even our most reluctant participants began to enjoy CIZE and were intent on carrying on the regime.

Just about every workout starts with Shaun T highlighting the first move, after which you slowly repeat it along with him. And then, after numerous repetitions, you speed up the tempo. This was great for those dancers amongst us with two left feet (not naming any names). We don’t profess to be professional dancers ourselves – far from it – so most of us benefitted from the gentle ‘coaching’ approach and consequently found the moves pretty easy to pick up. After the introduction section comes subsequent moves which follow the same tempo. And once you’re able to follow the second move in tempo, everything begins again from the top. Following that, he adds another. So, before trying to learn a fresh move, you’re repeating the process of the moves that have previously been introduced. Sounds complicated? It’s really not.

This framework helps make CIZE easy to follow and also gives it a circuit feel. Now we truly know why dancers are often fitter and leaner than most!

At the conclusion of every workout, you will complete the dance while the whole song is playing. Some of us wished the songs were a bit longer, however, you can utilize an alternative song if you wish and simply repeat the dance moves as many times as you like. We pushed replay a fair few times!

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is inexpensive. Many other programs involve purchasing expensive machines or numerous pieces of equipment but not CIZE. What’s more, CIZE can be paid in three affordable monthly installments of $19.95, along with shipping and handling fees, making it hugely accessible.
  • Well-choreographed dance routines.
  • A wide range of extra materials, such as a helpful ‘getting started’ guide, a handy meal plan with easy-to-follow recipes, as well as a calendar to monitor your success.
  • 24/7 support online.
  • Ordering from the website is fast and trouble-free.
  • This goes without saying, but you do need to put in the effort to see results. (Not really a drawback, although some people may see it as one!) And you do need to continue to work harder than you might be accustomed to. This is not some magical program you can attempt halfheartedly to get the physique you desire. A bit of effort really does go a long way.
  • A healthy, well-balanced diet is also a major contributor to shedding the pounds but, for many of us, this is also the toughest part to commit to. So you do need to be ready to make the sacrifices with your daily diet to see decent results.

What’s Included in the CIZE Workout Package?

The CIZE workout has clean and simple packaging which adds to its shelf-appeal. And what you get inside is even better…

  • Three CDs and Two Workouts per CD.
  • The Eight Count Ab Muscles CD.
  • The Nutrition Guide – Eat-UP!
  • The Get Started Guide.
  • A Weekend Survival Manual (we’re not all party animals but if you are this comes in handy).
  • 7-Day CIZE Down Guide (That is essentially taking you by the hands, from shopping lists, to recipes, to a number of tips for sizing down quickly).
  • Two Calendars (amateur and advanced).
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Whats-Included-in-the-CIZE-Workout-Package Cize Workout Review

Summary …. 

CIZE Workout Review
  • DIFFICULTY: - 88%
  • END RESULTS: - 95%
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: - 98%


Composing this review has been more fun than we originally thought. We expected CIZE to be full of tedious dance moves with no real substance, but actually it’s been a whole lot of fun. What’s even more crucial though is the fact that we, ourselves, saw great results - burning pounds in this way really can transform your entire body. In particular, we’ve seen our stomachs become flatter and ab muscles noticeably improve - so we’re definitely not complaining! CIZE has been effective and impacted our moods in a manner we can't begin to express. Try it for yourself if you’re looking for a workout that is not only effective but also uplifting and fun.


Comparison Table…. 


best-21-day-extreme-reviews-150x150 Cize Workout Review




94% / 100%


$25 – $75


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93% / 100%

$22 – $145

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$39 – $359

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93% / 100%

$35 – $156

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93% / 100%

$24 – $135

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