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Each home delivery meal service has different benefits and options. Home Chef is no exception. This health-conscious home meal delivery service offers more selections to fit in with your special dietary needs. For instance, Home Chef has gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, nut-free, low-carb and low calorie meals to help you with your fitness goals and avoid digestive discomforts. However, the company does warn that if you have severe food allergies this meal to your door service may not be the best option as their factory uses nuts, gluten, dairy and seafood and cannot guarantee your food will not come into contact with other products.

Home Chef presents 13 recipes each week. The meals cost $9.95 per plate and the minimum purchase requirement is two meals. If you are cooking for more than two, Home Chef allows you to select the number of meals based on your needs instead of in groups of 2, 4 or 6. Keep in mind that the per meal cost does not decrease, so if you are preparing a meal for a large dinner party, it may not be cost effective. The time saved with a Home Chef prepared meal is a benefit. The meals are designed to be prepared within 30 minutes which includes dinners such as mojito lime chicken and Acapulco beef burgers. You receive a recipe card with specific instructions that also include nutritional information and calorie information. Most of the meals range between 500 and 900 calories. Included on the recipe card is cooking difficulty level, so you are aware of what to expect before you purchase the meal. You also find tips that instruct you how many times you will use a certain product and what kitchen cookware is required. The recipe cards are clearly labeled if the meals is gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

A unique perk to Home Chef is that you can upgrade to premium meal items such as high quality meats, multiple sides, holiday meals, desserts, breakfasts and fruit baskets. Desserts include treats such as peanut butter cup smoothies. Breakfasts are meals such as Texas toast breakfast sandwich with bacon and steak fries. You also receive free recipes through e-mail to prepare meals on your own.

Shipping costs $10.00 for orders under $45. If your order totals more than $45, delivery is free. Your food arrives cooled in an eco-friendly box that contains reusable containers for spices and easily recyclable packaging. You can change your delivery day, Tuesday through Friday, to fit your needs. Aim to be home as soon as possible after a delivery as some users have noticed wilted vegetables after time delays.

How Home Chef Works

Home Chef analyzes your food preferences and suggests weekly meals for your convenience. You may accept these items or make changes depending on your tastes. After your select the number of desired meals, you choose your menu and any add-ons. Then, you select the delivery day and wait for your meal-in-a-box to arrive. The ingredients are in the exact quantity needed to prepare the meal, but you can amend the amount of spices depending on your tastes. Home Chef assumes you have kitchen staples such as salt, pepper, cooking spray and cooking oil. Within 30 minutes, you have a delicious meal.


  • Home Chef has gluten-free, low-carb, low calories, vegetarian, nut-free and dairy-free options.
  • Your food arrives in an eco-friendly package with some reusable components.
  • Breakfast, dessert and premium food options available.
  • Free recipes by e-mail.
  • Meals made in 30 minutes.
  • You can order by the number of meals needed and are not limited to groups of 2.


  • Food is not guaranteed to be non-GMO and sustainable. Home Chef works with local farmers, but if non-GMO products are important to you, you may want to select a different meal service delivery company.
  • Shipping cost of $10 unless you order $45 worth of product.
  • High calorie foods top out in the 900’s.
  • Wilted vegetables if left unattended for hours.
  • Company assumes you have salt, pepper, cooking oil and cooking spray available.

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