DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen sex steroid, that is synthesizes in the male body. When it encounters testosterone, the enzyme 5a-reductase catalyses the production of DHT. This is a reaction that occurs in several parts of the body – hair follicles, brain, liver, skin, seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.

best-px90-review-online How men can naturally increase DHT with these 5 Supplements

The benefits of increasing levels of DHT

DHT is a valuable resource in terms of overall health and wellbeing, although it is important to note that high DHT levels have some side effects. DHT is a very misunderstood subject, and the Internet is peppered with stories that are rooted in misunderstandings and biased research.

Your body needs DHT for all its androgenic activity and uses testosterone to increase muscle building ability. As the hormone produced throughout the body DHT account for your “manly body” and facial features.


Whilst creatine, a supplement popular with bodybuilders, is known for increasing testosterone it is also a strong DHT booster. In recent studies a daily creatine monohydrate intake has been shown to double DHT levels


Studies into nicotine, prompted by the observation that smokers often have very fast rates of burning fat, recorded the fact that levels of DHT in smokers was usually much higher than that found in non-smokers. This has been directly linked to nicotine.

This is however not a reason to take up smoking, used as an occasional supplement nicotine gum or patches can assist in the production of DHT. This should be used infrequently to avoid the risk of addiction.


One of 24 micronutrients essential for normal body function and a gym goer staple, several studies have shown that zinc can increase testosterone levels. There are some misconceptions surrounding this supplement, however this stems from studies carried out in labs. The human body is much cleverer than a test tube and can use zinc more effectively, having a huge impact on concentrations of DHT found in blood.

Zinc not only increases DHT levels but also increases fertility, although it does not alter sperm count.

4.Butea Superba

A vining shrub also known as Red Kwao Krua, this is a popular aphrodisiac in Southeast Asia. Studies into its potential DHT-boosting effects were carried out because of its effectiveness in boosting libido and improving erection quality.

The studies were not carried out on humans, nor were they conclusive however it is likely to have at least some effect on DHT.


A gluten free grain found all over Africa and Australia that you have probably never heard of. What makes this one such an interesting supplement is the fact that it can double the levels of 5a-reductase in the body, as the enzyme responsible for DHT synthesis then this will surely mean an increase in DHT levels. Whilst it is possible to find capsules of Sorghum online, using the natural grain that is widely available is recommended.

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