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Top meal delivery programs turn a potentially stressful, daily event, into an anticipated evening. Close to being a personal shopper and personal chef, food delivery programs remove the guesswork out of dinner, plus you do not have to fend your way through the grocery store. Instead, all the ingredients for a fresh and tasty meal arrive at your doorstep. Even if you are just beginning to find your way through a kitchen, the recipe cards make preparing meals easy and somewhat fun. You and your family can turn each night into a cooking lesson instead of a kitchen frenzy or carry-out feast. This provides a great opportunity to teach children how to read recipes, prepare meals and begin a love for healthy food.

Home delivery meal plans are geared toward reducing your stress, saving you time and broadening your meal selections. For example, how often have you prepared chicken empanadas or chicken shawarma with an applesauce cake dessert after an 8 to 10 hour work day? Maybe you have the desire and the taste buds, but not the ambition to expand your menu. Here’s where food sent to your home makes life easier. You do not have to search for recipes, ingredients or ideas. You simply scroll through a variety of options and pick the ones that fit your needs. Some companies offer vegetarian dishes, gluten-free and dairy-free options to accommodate special dietary restrictions. Keep in mind that even with the specialty meals, the factories still may have these ingredients, so if your allergy is severe, it is best to cook at home.

While the benefits of pre-packaged meal delivery programs are tempting, this is still an important choice. After all, you want to be satisfied and full after dinner so you can enjoy the rest of your evening. Some users find it beneficial to have an additional side dish such as a salad or potato to fill their family’s needs. The goal of time saving is an ideal one, especially if you work full time. However, if the saved time at the grocery store is now used for cleaning pots and pans, the pre-prepared meals may not be worth your effort. Also, each meal delivery plan uses different categories from 2-person and family to ordering by number of serving. If you live alone, an at-home meal delivery service may not be cost effective and some of the food may go to waste.

Other things to consider when selecting your optimum meal delivery service include variables such as:

  • Cost- Evaluate the per/plate cost of each meal compared with what you typically spend on dinner. Ask yourself is it comparable to meals you traditionally prepare or less expensive than a healthy carry-out meal? Also, determine if you have left overs that you can use for lunch the next day which may make the meal more cost effective.
  • Taste- Do the recipes use spices and seasonings that you enjoy? If not, search for a different meal delivery service more compatible with your tastes. Furthermore, determine if the ingredients are fresh, smell good and offer enough variety to keep you interested.
  • Ease- Are the meals easy to prepare? If a meal requires an hour in the kitchen, will that fit your needs? At home food delivery programs that use few pots and pans, food processors, blenders, baking dishes, etc. fit easily into your busy lifestyle. You also want to be sure the recipes are readable and accurate and that can be reproduced if you enjoy the meal and want to make it on your own.
  • Calories- Although not all meal in a box delivery services are weight loss programs, you still need to be calorie conscious. Look for healthy delivery programs that list calories and nutritional content on their menus so you can select a plan that fits into your daily calorie requirements. The nutritional information is essential if you have allergies or dietary restrictions such as sugar and sodium intake.
  • Desserts- If you enjoy a meal complete with dessert, select a service that sends the sweets to your door. Be mindful of additional calories even if it is more cost-effective to add the dessert. Some prepared meal delivery companies offer breakfast, lunch or snack options instead of a dessert, so pick one that fits in with your typical eating habits.
  • Dietary restrictions- If you or your family require special meals such as gluten-free, vegetarian or dairy-free options, certain home delivery companies provide these meals. However, the foods may come into contact with wheat, nuts, dairy, etc., so if your allergy is severe, consider using a specialty company or making your way through a crowded grocery store.
  • Delivery charge- Even though you sign up for an in-home meal delivery service, this does not mean the shipping is included. Many home meal companies include shipping in their cost, but others require a minimum purchase to receive free shipping.

Here is a table for a quick comparison of the top 8 food delivery plans:


















Blue Apron

$8.74- $9.99/plate



Vegetarian, Pescatarian

Home Chef




Gluten, Dairy, Vegetarian, Nut, Low-Carb, Low Calorie





Gluten Free, Nut-free

Bistro MD

$6.75- $13.50/plate



Gluten-Free, Low sodium

Marley Spoon




Some Vegetarian

Chef V

$5/drink- $879/21-Day Challenge



Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Sugar

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