After much feedback from readers, we understand the difficulties that people have with eating the right things and managing healthy portion control. Knowing this, we took it upon ourselves to review more products that aim to make weight-loss less of a struggle. And one of those products is the Nutrisystem, which aims to make weight-loss easier by providing a comprehensive guide to eating the right kinds of foods and in the right sized portions.

The team behind Nutrisystem point out that you no longer need to determine whether or not meals will match your diet plan all by yourself. There is no need to count calories or carbohydrates and certainly no need to obsess over appropriate portion sizes because they do that all for you. Sound too good to be true? Well, we got our trusted writers on the case to review this ‘simple’ sounding solution to weight loss.

best-Nutrisystem-meals-reviews Nutrisystem Review - Honest Breakdown

So, why is it so simple?

The reason why this plan is simple to follow is because you purchase most of your meals from Nutrisystem themselves and the company delivers everything you need straight to your door. Their recommended plan is for 4 weeks and on those days you will be consuming a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. All of the foods are free from artificial preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors which got two thumbs up from us. Often, with similar plans on the market, you are presented with sub-standard replacements when it comes to nutritional make-up but with Nutrisystem they have ensured it contains the perfect mix of nutrients to support a healthy weight loss diet.

What you do is pick your plan, choose from a menu and then place your order. When picking from their extensive menu, we found that there was a great selection for both men and women, and some great options for diabetics and vegetarians too. It appears that Nutrisystem is making a good effort to cover all appetites and dietary requirements. Another plus to Nutrisystem is that when choosing your food from their menu you are not just limited to boring tasteless foods which many of us commonly associate with health foods.

Check out the menu here and see what they have on offer. We’re confident like us that you will be pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, you can also order side products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as the odd ‘naughty-ish’ snack.

As you go along, you are supported by the team at Nutrisystem, and we really like that about the Nutrisystem plan as we know a little support can go a very long way! They provide you with online monitoring tools as well as offline trackers and starter guides. They even have a fantastic ‘Eating Out’ guide which is one situation where many find it hard to be disciplined. All of these tools are designed to help you stick to the plan and make it easier for you to monitor your progress. Structured plans in any aspect of our lives often have the most productive results which is why the support aspects of this product are key to its success. It’s also an area which a lot of similar plans on the market lack.

So, what does a typical Nutrisystem plan consist of?

Within the recommended 28-day plan you can expect to eat things like oatmeal, muffins, granola, and pancakes in the morning.

Lunches and dinners consist of options like tacos, chicken or pasta, soup, stew or chili. There is even pizza, a choice of desserts and snacks – as the plan allows you to incorporate treats such as brownies, cake or cookies in a controlled manner.

The regime also offers a lengthy list of vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy, and fresh meat that you can eat together with your Nutrisystem foods.

In general, the food and diet plans focus on the following:

A range of nutrients: About 50% of your energy comes from carbs, 25% from proteins, and 25% from fats.

“Smart” carbohydrates: These types of carbs do not increase your blood sugar levels as much as other meals. On the regime, you’ll have to reduce or even stay away from high-GI (high-Glycerin Index) foods (including white rice, white bread and also certain fruits).

Restricted calories: The energy count is designed to enable you to shed a pound or two weekly during the plan.

Restricted sodium: As outlined by the company, the packages offer around 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day. Although the food you purchase yourself can add to the overall level.

Does Nutrisystem work?

Purchasing a month’s worth of what you need to eat is easy, and the items are tailored to you. However, you won’t enjoy your normal level of control over what food you consume. And initially, you will probably have less energy than you are accustomed to.

Discipline is key because you have to make sure that you stick strictly to the plan to guarantee results. We believe once you get through the first week, the momentum will be in full swing and things will definitely get easier.

Remember that you choose your meals from the options Nutrisystem provides – so a lot of the planning and headache of a diet is out of the window.

What’s more, you barely have to cook – given that the majority of Nutrisystem meals are ready to be eaten or only require warming. However, a few things that you purchase from the food store, like veggies and fish, might involve more preparation.

It’s extremely important to note that to achieve greater success with the Nutrisystem plan lies in following their recommendation to undertake at least half an hour of physical exercise a day. Yes, eating well and in the right portions will help you to lose weight but adding exercise to the plan will accelerate the time it takes to reach your goal. If you want to check out some suitable workout plans – check out our workout reviews here.

How much does the Nutrisystem plan cost?

The cost depends on the plan you select – for example, whether it is for men, women, vegetarians, older adults, or diabetics.

On the whole, be prepared to pay from around $230 to $350 per month for the Nutrisystem meals, plus whatever you decide to purchase from the food store as well.


  • Shipped free of charge.
  • Minimal fats and reduced calories.
  • Online assistance should you need it.
  • Balance of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • “Grab and Go” refreshments to keep you on the right track.


  • Higher plans are expensive.
  • For those with families, it may be difficult to eat different meals to everyone else in the household.
  • Servings are relatively small but that is a key focus of the plan. It works for a reason. There are no fads or gimmicks here.

Where to buy Nutrisystem meals

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