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P90X3 is the most recent incarnation of Tony Horton and Beachbody’s immensely popular P90X workout series. P90X3 takes the classic P90X workout and nutrition system, squeezing them into an easy to tackle 30 minute a day workout. Tony and the team used research suggesting the first 30 minutes of exercise is the most effective and created new hard hitting routines on a reduced timescale. When I heard that I could get one of my favourite workouts done in half the time I couldn’t wait to start road testing. Effective, lots of fun and short enough to fit in before breakfast P90X3 has shot straight to the top of my favourite workouts list!

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What is P90X3?

P90X3 is a workout and nutrition program built around daily workouts of 30 minutes in length. If you aren’t familiar with previous P90X offerings, they have a reputation for being brutal but effective and P90X3 is no different. Short it may be but easy it is not. Built on a mixture of strength training, cardio, mixed martial arts and much more this offers a really balanced workout program to keep you strong, flexible and healthy. The payoff for the 30 minute session is that you have to work hard, seriously, after the first try you may just be a sweaty puddle on the floor. But keep going as it does get easier and you will see results.

Like the other P90X programs, you can choose a plan that matches what you are trying to achieve. P90X3 offers a balanced Classic schedule, a Lean program for a less strength based approach, Mass for adding muscle and Doubles for an insanely tough but satisfying workout. Doubles is not for beginners and it is certainly is not for me but if you are training for a triathlon or strong man or any other type of scary ultra fitness endeavour it might be for you. I chose Classic for an all-round workout routine and I feel this would be a good fit for most people, even those new to or returning to fitness training.

P90X3 features 16 workouts in its ‘base’ pack and (the clues in the name) uses a 90 day schedule switching up routines each day to create ‘muscle confusion’. This is a traditional P90X approach that promotes mixing up muscle group use and fitness routines to prevent a plateau and ensures you are getting the most from your workout. P90X3 also offers a deluxe and ultimate kit offering 3 extra workouts and equipment. Speaking of equipment, you’re going to need resistance bands or dumbbells, a chin up bar and ideally a yoga mat plus blocks. Most of this can be picked up pretty cheaply online and you may already have a lot of it around at home.

Tony Horton leads the P90X3 program with his usual enthusiasm, humour and encouragement. There are also, helpfully, three other people working out in each routine. The gang will demonstrate beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of each move. This is incredibly helpfully for both fitness novices and for those of us getting to grips with a new routine. Tony, for me, makes the P90X programs and his warmth and tips create a real engagement that can leave you feel you are in a class rather than sweating it up in your bedroom. Don’t be surprised if he starts feeling like one of the family! Out of all the P90X programs this feels the most beginner friendly and is a great way to pick up fitness again if you have been putting it off for months (or even years!)

The P90X3 workouts are broken down into Resistance, Power, Cardio and Core, Flex and Balance. You’ll need to work out for 6 days of the week and the program is broken into 2 x 4 week and 1 x 5 week blocks, switching routines every day. I found the blocking a great way to keep up my motivation and a way to monitor my progress through the 3 month schedule. For an extra hit of P90X3 an extra 4 week ‘elite’ block is included in the deluxe and ultimate kits but the 90 day schedule alone is enough to see real changes in your body.

The diet plan that comes along with P90X3 is much simpler and less prescriptive than previous incarnations. Essentially you monitor Protein, Carbs and Fats to ensure your body is getting everything it needs to get the most out of the program. It also encourages modified portions, regular small meals, lots of water and eating at sensible times. This approach seems like a flexible and inclusive way to plan your eating. I felt like this gave me a good basis for planning my meals whilst letting me be inventive and I didn’t get my usual ‘straying from the diet plan’ guilt.

Does P90X3 Work?

P90X3 not only worked for me, it felt like the smartest fitness program I have come across in a long time. Trying to schedule in a workout is often the hardest part of my routine and P90X3 made me feel like I had a time machine that let me do just as much in half the time. This doesn’t mean that P90X3 is a magic wand or a shortcut but it does mean working out much smarter than I ever have before. I love the P90X series as a whole but this version felt even smoother and more user friendly than previous versions.

The test group for P90X3 had an average fat loss of 34% which is an astonishing result. It goes to show that it’s not about how much you do but the quality of what you do. A whole lot of research has gone into creating the best versions of each workout created here and it really shows. No exercise, no movement is wasted, efficiency is king and you have to applaud the level of planning and research that has gone into P90X3.

So, does it work? Yup, follow the plan, put in the hours and you will see results.


  • Get a great workout in a short time
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner to athlete
  • Diverse mix of workouts mean you never get bored
  • Tony Horton is incredibly motivational
  • 90 day money back guarantee


  • You need to work out most days (but only for 30 minutes)
  • You need to commit to the program for the full 90 days to get the best results.

What’s Included in P90X3?

Base Kit

  • 16 Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • P90X3 Nutrition Guide
  • P90X3 Fitness Guide

Deluxe Kit

  • 16 Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • P90X3 Nutrition Guide
  • P90X3 Fitness Guide
  • 3 Additional Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • Beachbody Multivit
  • 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands

Ultimate Kit

  • 16 Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • P90X3 Nutrition Guide
  • P90X3 Fitness Guide
  • 3 Additional Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • Beachbody Multivit
  • 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands
  • Premium Beach Body Jump Mat
  • Gym-Quality P90X Chin-Up Bar
  • Tony Horton’s Power Stands
  • P90X Chin-Up Max

Checkout P90X3….

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P90X3 Review
  • DIFFICULTY - 92%
  • END RESULTS - 96%


Work out smarter and revolutionise your fitness routine with P90X3. Whether you are a P90X super fan or an exercise newbie this fitness program will help you achieve an amazing body in half the time of traditional work out plans. Tony Horton’s clever workouts will leave you motivated and inspired to keep pushing on through the 90 days. Put in the effort and reap serious rewards with P90X3. What are you waiting for?


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best-21-day-extreme-reviews-150x150 P90X3 Review




94% / 100%


$25 – $75


best-t25-workout-reviews-150x150 P90X3 Review


93% / 100%

$22 – $145



92% / 100%

$22 – $145

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97% / 100%

$22 – $163

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91% / 100%

$27 – $94

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94% / 100%

$22 – $144

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94% / 100%

$22 – $132

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95% / 100%

$39 – $359

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93% / 100%

$35 – $156

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90% / 100%

$27 – $122

Mackenzie-S-Transformation-150x150 P90X3 Review


93% / 100%

$22 – $98

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95% / 100%

$24 – $156

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86% / 100%

$24 – $122

DanielH-PiYo-150x150 P90X3 Review


93% / 100%

$24 – $135

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