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In recent months at the My Fitness Living office, we have been yearning for something new in terms of a workout program. So when of our one of our associates mentioned PiYo to us, we were all ears! She told us that PiYo is a workout plan with a difference, as unlike most workouts this one is extremely low impact. This, we thought, could provide an interesting alternative for those who, for whatever reason, require a lower impact workout. This would certainly be an appealing option for those suffering from previous injuries or joint problems, as well as those struggling to lose weight.

So, we decided to give PiYo a shot to give us a better insight into the effectiveness of this lower impact workout. And what we found wasn’t exactly what we expected and definitely gave us something to seriously think about. So read on to discover the truth about PiYo before you make the purchase.

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What exactly is PiYo?

PiYo is an 8-week long, home workout regime created by Chalene Johnson for Beachbody. It’s designed to completely transform your body in just two months (60 days) with no weights, leaps or stress on your body.

It was built to boost flexibility as well as strength through a special mix of Pilates and Yoga-based movements to help you get long, lean toned muscles while burning off excess fat. The claim is that by combining the muscle-defining movements of Pilates with the convenience of Yoga exercise you’ll be able to achieve the body you’ve always wanted – WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY WEIGHTS!

How does PiYo work?

Just like Yoga, you’re working your core muscles but with PiYo this is done at a faster tempo. The fast-paced, repetitive, high-intensity fluid movements meant that we were also getting a real cardio workout and the fact that these moves were so varied meant that we were working every part of our body. We knew exactly which muscles we didn’t use in other workouts or in regular daily use because they hurt so much following the PiYo workout. After a couple of weeks, we began to see our muscles and body tone become really defined which was amazing to see because it was the first time we had seen such toned figures without the use of any weights. So PiYo meant that we were getting both a resistance and cardio hit in one!

Another added bonus to this workout is that if you’re stuck behind a desk or simply not used to moving around that much, this is a perfect workout to get you going again. With PiYo, you will start to re-condition your body physically and become increasingly more flexible over time.

In addition to reviewing our own findings, we always like to check out what other people thought about a product too; that way, we know that we’re giving you a more rounded, unbiased review – and that we’re not missing any key factors. With PiYo, we were pleased to see that lots of people who bought the product via Amazon and left a review had similar comments to make about the workout. Largely, they were very positive and many were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the results they obtained. Check them out here.

PiYo in more detail

With PiYo, you have a choice of packages from the offset and, based on this, you will adhere to a specific workout schedule:

  • Basic PiYo Schedule: With the PiYo DVD Package.
  • PiYo Strength Schedule: With the PiYo Deluxe DVD Plan. Generally, this makes use of the handy strength slides to provide you with an amazing workout; moving your entire body in ways it has never been worked before.

PiYo Workouts

There are actually 8 workouts included with the standard PiYo package:

  • Align: Breaks down the movements into gradual motions, so that you can execute them in the appropriate form.
  • Define Upper Body: Work on your upper and core body, defining your biceps and triceps, as well as your shoulders.
  • Define Lower Body: Begin building sexy legs using this workout, from your hamstrings to your calves.
  • Sweat: A far more traditional PiYo workout that makes use of yoga-based placements and resilience workouts to give an efficient cardio/strength workout.
  • Core: This ab-centric workout chisels away at your abdominal area to enable you to get a strong, attractive core.
  • Strength Intervals: Certainly one of our favorites, this somewhat shorter, fast-paced, fat-incinerating workout has you switching from stamina to cardio..
  • Drench: This challenging tolerance workout increases fat reduction and pretty much works each and every muscle within your body. Get ready to get drenched!
  • Sculpt: A variety of tempos maintain your muscle tissue under stress for different amounts of time to supply you with a muscle-defining workout that completely transforms your entire body.

PiYo Diet

The PiYo diet regime we feel, is amongst the best on the market. We felt it rivalled the 21-Day Fix’s easy-to-follow diet regime (even though you do have to weigh a few things). It permits you specific quantities of each meal group based on your calorie requirements, focusing on natural food to help you to value the taste of ‘real’ food over sugary or highly processed variations.

Who Is The PiYo For?

If you’re a newbie and just getting started on the quest to improve your physique, PiYo can be a really great starting point, just like P90.

Also, if you’re an experienced fitness fanatic, we really feel it’s possible to put PiYo to beneficial use in tandem with your regular weight-lifting routine or even the likes of Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30.

PiYo provides a great workout for the following groups:

  • Those who are completely new to fitness and searching for an entry-level program.
  • Those who are semi-new to fitness and wish to undertake Pilates or yoga.
  • Those who wish to concentrate on accelerating their weight-loss without going to the extreme.
  • Those who, for whatever reason, wish to stay away from high-impact workouts.
  • Fitness veterans seeking to supplement other workout programs for more all-round fitness.
  • Great for newbies: The program can be obtained and utilized by anyone, irrespective of his or her physique, present fitness level or age group.
  • Low impact workouts: There is absolutely no jumping or jarring movements in the PiYo workout system. Moves are predominantly natural and fluent
  • Quick workouts: The longest period of time you’ll invest in one workout is 45 minutes.
  • Improved flexibility: Thanks to the yoga exercise components in the regime, a lot of users have seen improved flexibility at the conclusion of the 60 days.

Piyo Workout Review Cons:

  • Rapid transformations: Chalene transitions very quickly from workout to workout (sometimes without hints), which can leave you playing catch up – although after a few sessions you’ll soon find yourself learning what comes next.

What’s Included in the PiYo Workout Package?

The PiYo Base Kit at Beachbody comes with the following:

  • 10 Workouts on Three DVDs
  • Quick Start Manual
  • PiYo 60-Day Workout Appointments
  • Get Lean Diet Plan
  • Tape Measure
  • Buns Workout
whats-in-the-piyo-workout-package PiYo Review Workout

Summary …. 

  • DIFFICULTY - 85%
  • END RESULTS - 95%


To conclude, no singular workout package promises a 100 percent success for everyone, however, if you’re a beginner aiming to take things from the very basics upwards to stay in great shape, we think the PiYo workout is a sure fire plan and would highly recommend it.


Comparison Table…. 


best-21-day-extreme-reviews-150x150 PiYo Review Workout




94% / 100%


$25 – $75


best-t25-workout-reviews-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


93% / 100%

$22 – $145

10-MINUITE-TRAINER-REVIEWS-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


92% / 100%

$22 – $145

body-beast-porthole-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


97% / 100%

$22 – $163

TurboFire-Inferno-Plan-1-570x570-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


91% / 100%

$27 – $94

getimage.asp_-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


94% / 100%

$22 – $144

s-l300-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


94% / 100%

$22 – $132

P90X3-Logo-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


95% / 100%

$39 – $359

5311_INSMAX30_TBB_CP_FB_ePostcards_BNA_BobS_qkf8af-1-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


93% / 100%

$35 – $156

best-Brazilian-Butt-Lift-Workout-review-1-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


90% / 100%

$27 – $122

Mackenzie-S-Transformation-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


93% / 100%

$22 – $98

best-px90-workout-review-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


95% / 100%

$24 – $156

p90x-training-program-review_nsm-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


86% / 100%

$24 – $122

DanielH-PiYo-150x150 PiYo Review Workout


93% / 100%

$24 – $135

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