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It’s easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of the more intense end of the fitness spectrum. The ‘I want abs and I want ‘em now’ approach. Sometimes though, as much as we want to push our bodies harder and faster than ever before they just won’t comply. You might have a niggling injury, not done so much as a sit up in twenty years or you’re just a little older and slower than you were. Fitness should not be an exclusive club but our important part of all our lives. P90 aims to bring great workouts to everyone.

P90 comes from Tony Horton, legendary fitness trainer and all round good guy, in conjunction with Beachbody. This workout is based on Tony’s original Power 90 workout and combines the tried and tested 90 day fit format with a focus on simpler, less extreme workouts. It also provides a long overdue update to the slightly tired format of the original Power 90 workout. We rounded up our favourite fitness testers and asked them to try fitness in the slower lane for 90 days.

p90-workout P90 Reviews

What is P90?

P90 is a 90 day fitness programme taking a less extreme approach to body transformation. It is split into 3 stages of transformation, phases A, B and C designed to gradually improve fitness and conditioning. As with the P90X programmes you can tailor P90 to your fitness needs. Want to focus on losing pounds? Choose the Sweat path for a cardio focus. For building muscle choose the Sculpt path which concentrates on resistance. The programme consists of 5 workouts per week with an optional Saturday workout thrown in for those of you who just can’t get enough. Workouts come in at between 30 and 45 minutes and a Sweat, Sculpt and Abs Ripper is included for each stage (plus Saturday Specials).

One point to mention is P90 is very equipment light. The only piece of kit you will need is a resistance band and the good people at Beachbody have included this in the pack. You may find it worthwhile investing in a more challenging band as you progress through the stages.  A handy workout calendar is also included in the pack to ensure you always know which workout to do on which day.

The format of the videos will be familiar to those who know and love the P90X series, albeit we are moving at a slower pace here. The exercises featured are simpler in nature that Tony’s recent offerings and there are lower impact versions available of all the exercises demonstrated at every stage. A useful addition is a demo reel that shows the proper technique for each and every move, this is a great resource for beginners. The backdrops are light and fresh creating the feeling this is a relaxed space to workout.

Tony Horton is a positive and friendly guide throughout the programme and adds a welcome sense of humour even at the most challenging moments. There is no sergeant major like drilling here, just great advice and encouragement. He is also a walking advertisement for the benefits of staying in shape!

The P90 kit includes a ‘Simple Kitchen’ food booklet which contains a guide for counting calories, eating tips and some simple recipes which should be within the realms of even a kitchen novice. It acts as a great blue print for healthy meal planning although you may need to source a few extra recipes to keep your diet interesting and varied. It should help you balance your nutritional needs and includes lots of pointers on supplements that could help you get the most out of your workout.

The ‘6 day shred’ extra included in P60 is worthy of special note. This is your ultimate head start if weight loss is one of your workout goals. The detailed shopping list and meal plan mean that you can get the first week of your plan right on track with minimum effort. Created with precision detail this can help you transition from your regular diet with little fuss.

Who is P90 for?

P90 is for anyone interested in improving their overall fitness and shape. You don’t have to be a beginner to get good results from P90 but it may feel a little tame for hardened fitness fanatics. If you are nervous about keeping up with fast paced routines, have suffered an injury or are returning to fitness after a long absence this is a great structured introduction to working out. We road tested P90 with a new mum, a self-confessed male, middle aged, couch potato and a semi regular gym goer who all had great things to say.

Does P90 work?

According to our testers the answer was an emphatic yes. Although at various stages of the programme all had seen some level of weight loss and all felt a change in their overall shape. What’s more everyone reported a big increase in their workout confidence. Our coach potato had a huge increase in flexibility and all felt more energised and positive about their fitness future. Everyone intended to see the programme through to its 90 day conclusion and some were considering moving onto the more challenging P90X programmes!

Our testers found the format of both the programmes and workouts easy to follow and particularly liked the option to modify the intensity level of every exercise. Tony Hortons relaxed presenting style also got a big thumbs up from our group!

P90 is based on creating a calorie deficit through modified eating which is compounded by a great exercise programme. This isn’t ground breaking weight loss science but it is sound advice to get you on the road to a healthier and happier body. P90 is a welcome addition to a stack of intensive fitness regimes that could leave the inexperienced exerciser feeling a little overwhelmed. What’s more, if you need a less demanding regime in-between more challenging programmes P90 would be the perfect choice. We reckon it would also work well as a maintaining regime.

Like all fitness plans you will get out of P90 what you are willing to invest in it. Follow a balanced, healthy diet and stick to the carefully planned scheduled to ensure you get the results that you are hoping for.


  • An incredibly accessible fitness regime for people of all levels of experience and fitness
  • Easy to follow programme and work out DVD’s
  • A great programme for people recovering from injury or unsure of where to start their fitness journey.
  • Competitive price compared to comparable programmes
  • Encouraging and friendly guidance from the legendary Tony Horton
  • 90 day return policy


  • The routines may be a little simple for hardcore fitness fans
  • The programme could get a little repetitive after multiple cycles

What’s Included in P90?

  • 10 P90 Workouts on 4 DVD’S
  • Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide
  • 4-Step Power Plan
  • “How to Hit It” Tutorial
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band
  • 6-Day Shred
  • 90-Day Workout Calendar

Deluxe Kit

  • 16 Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • P90X3 Nutrition Guide
  • P90X3 Fitness Guide
  • 3 Additional Extreme P90X3 Workouts
  • Beachbody Multivit
  • 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands

Summary …. 

P90 Reviews
  • DIFFICULTY - 75%
  • END RESULTS - 88%


Perfect for beginners, older fitness addicts and just about everyone else P90 is the ultra-inclusive and ultra effective workout that won’t leave you behind. Competitively priced and with a whole host of useful extras included this feels like one of the most value for money fitness regimes around. Tony Horton is an expert at putting together fantastic programmes that really deliver and P90 is no exception. P90 means there are absolutely no excuses for ducking out of exercise and healthy living. This is definitely one regime to add to your workout wish list.


Where to buy P90….

Comparison Table…. 


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94% / 100%


$25 – $75


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93% / 100%

$22 – $145

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92% / 100%

$22 – $145

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97% / 100%

$22 – $163

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94% / 100%

$22 – $132

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95% / 100%

$39 – $359

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93% / 100%

$35 – $156

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90% / 100%

$27 – $122

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93% / 100%

$22 – $98

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95% / 100%

$24 – $156

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86% / 100%

$24 – $122

DanielH-PiYo-150x150 P90 Reviews


93% / 100%

$24 – $135

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