TurboFire sees the ever-popular Beachbody franchise partner with trainer and fitness guru Chalene Johnson for this no holds barred collection of high impact cardio workouts. Combining fast paced cardio, conditioning and HIIT workouts this is not a regime for the faint of heart. A class setting and soundtrack of blood pumping workout tunes create a party atmosphere that makes working out a whole lot of fun. As a self-confessed cardio junkie I couldn’t wait to jump in to Chalene’s class and really get the workout party started. But does this super cardio class really bring the results? Check out my review below to find out.

turbofire_single Turbo Fire Reviews

What is TurboFire?

TurboFire is a 90 day fitness and program focusing on fat loss and all over conditioning. 12 classes are included of varying lengths and difficulties alongside a recommended class schedule that is designed to bring you the most intense results. TurboFire is designed to deliver significantly improved results on traditional cardio workouts, delivering weight loss and improving lean muscle mass. Aimed at a wide range of fitness levels it includes a ‘Fire Starter’ video that serves as a good introduction to many of the regular moves and will help you keep pace in some of the more fast and furious classes.

The TurboFire regime is designed to be followed over 90 days and takes you through three distinct stages of cardio training. The first step is an introduction into the TurboFire world and includes the easiest workouts. The second phase ramps up the intensity and focuses also on strength exercises. The final step includes strength training and some serious HIIT action alongside intensive cardio workouts. The whole program consists of 12 workouts over 5 DVDS and you should expect to workout 6 days a week to get optimum results. Most workouts are between 15 and 45 minutes long, making this an easy program to fit into your schedule.

One of the aspects that sets TurboFire apart from other cardio based programs is its strong focus on HIIT workouts. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training has been well documented to have better results than traditional endurance workouts. The benefits of HIIT are explored in the TurboFire quick start guide but you can expect to repeat moves at a very high intensity followed by brief rest breaks to get the maximum calorie burn out of your workout. Chalene offers low impact modifications for some of the tougher moves which is useful for beginners or if (like me) it takes you a little while to get to grips with new workouts.

Workouts are set in a large venue where Chalene works out on stage to a crowd of enthusiastic TurboFire classmates. Your point of view makes you feel very much part of the gang. Chalene’s energy and motivation are irresistible and combined with an amazing playlist and club atmosphere it’s hard not to get swept along in the TurboFire frenzy. This creates a pumped-up aspect to every workout that makes you want to push that bit harder in each move. It was easy to feel like Chalene was in the room encouraging me to squeeze every little bit of burn out of my session. She is a likable host and makes working out hard look like a lot of fun!

The TurboFire package includes a ‘Fuel The Fire’ Nutrition guide which explains the importance of great nutrition to weight loss and good health. Following this guide is an essential part of the program as you are going to need all the right fuels to get through some of the really tough workouts. The guide provides helpful shopping lists and tips for maintaining a good diet. The advice on snacking is great for those of us that are plagued by munchies throughout the day!

TurboFire also includes a couple of bonus stretching workouts with a Yoga theme that really helps relax and lengthen out those muscles after a particularly tough class in the program. There is also a short bonus abs class if you have any energy left after the regular classes!

TurboFire is aimed at men and women but the focus on weight loss and the format of the workouts can feel more female friendly.

Who Is TurboFire For?

TurboFire is first and foremost a weight loss program with elements of strength training that encourage lean, compact muscles. If you want to lose weight and increase your overall fitness, then this is definitely a program for you. If you are looking to build large amounts of muscle mass then TurboFire may not be the right regime to achieve your goals.

The TurboFire Program is helpful for anyone looking to boost their underlying baseline of fitness and workout in a fun and friendly environment. It’s the perfect workout to do with friends and will put a smile on your face however badly your day is going! If you love cardio workouts this is a must have fitness regime.

TurboFire is suitable for beginners and fitness freaks alike with a great introductory section that will help newbies find their feet.

Does TurboFire Work?

TurboFire will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated throughout the 90 day program. I found on top of weight loss and increased energy levels my coordination and balance improved dramatically.

One of the great things about TurboFire is the ease of use. Limited equipment is required (just a resistance band which is included) and you can get it done in a relatively small space and in a short span of time. Although predominantly cardio based, strength, core and abs exercises made me feel like I was getting in a great all over workout.

The nutrition portion of the TurboFire regime has been very well put together, is easy to follow and covers all of the common roadblocks that we come up against in our diet. I loved the included ‘5 day Inferno plan’ which helped me kick start my TurboFire weight loss and gave me a real boost from day one.

Start with the Fire Starter class to really get to grips with the key TurboFire moves. I went through this class a couple of times to feel comfortable with some of the most repeated steps. This gave me more confidence when classes got faster and more intense (Chalene can move!). If you’re not a regular at cardio class this might be a good idea for you too!

I would recommend TurboFire to anyone looking for something a little different from their regular cardio regime and who enjoys upbeat, fast paced workouts. Grab a friend to really enjoy the group vibe and push each other to up your TurboFire!


  • Energetic and upbeat workouts
  • Achieve weight loss much faster than with regular cardio programs
  • Smart nutrition guide included with great diet tips
  • Harnesses HIIT to encourage faster weight loss
  • Club atmosphere that will encourage you to push harder
  • Suitable for beginners through to fitness enthusiasts
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Targeted perhaps more at a female market (although still a great workout for men)
  • Not designed to target muscle mass increase

What’s Included in the TurboFire Workout?

  • 5 x Workout DVD’s with 12 TurboFire Workouts
  • Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide
  • TurboFire Class Schedule
  • Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide
  • The TurboFire 5-Day Inferno Plan
  • 24/7 Online Support and Motivation

Summary …. 

Best Turbo Fire Review
  • DIFFICULTY - 85%
  • END RESULTS - 92%


As Chalene says ‘Dance the Fat Away’ with this in your face workout program that doesn’t hold back. Lose weight nine times faster than with regular cardio programs and have a blast along the way. Chalene means business and you will too once you start your TurboFire journey. Infectious, energising and a real sweat inducing workout TurboFire can be more than a little addictive. Get started now and feel the difference in as little as thirty days.


Where to buy TurboFire….

Comparison Table…. 


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94% / 100%


$25 – $75


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93% / 100%

$24 – $135

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