Yoga has long been practised as a way of obtaining good health, both physical and mental. Regular practice on a good quality Yoga mat will leave you with the following physical benefits:

free-beachbody-workout-video Yoga – What are the benefits?

Increased Flexibility

Perhaps one of the better-known benefits of Yoga is the degree of flexibility obtained. Even joints not usually directly targeted by flexibility exercises can become more flexible as a result of the whole body effect that Yoga has.

Easing movement of joints, tendons, ligaments etc

In a related manner practising Yoga will improve the ease of movement of your joints and the tendons and ligaments that connect them. As your Yoga practice improves you may even be surprised to find that some apparently unrelated parts of your body work better too, even if your Yoga practice has not included them.

Massaging the organs

The movement whilst holding various Yoga positions and the movement from one position to another acts upon the internal organs rather like a deep massage – even those not usually affected by exercise. This benefits the body by driving out any form of sickness or infection before it has a chance to take root and do harm.


Following on from this Yoga improves the blood supply around the body. This allows the body to flush out poisons from all parts and to extract the maximum nutrition from what you ingest. This detoxification delays ageing and improves your vitality and mood.

Building muscles

The gentle exercise provided by moving into and holding a Yoga position will, over time and with repetition, tighten and build muscles. This will cause your body to shed flab and fat to make better and stronger muscles.

And the physical benefits are not the only advantages to be gained through Yoga. Often your mind can find it hard to settle because of confusion and disharmony within. Yoga encourages the mind to work with the body instead of striving to master it. Although the exact mechanism is a mystery this has allowed such empowered individuals to manage incredible things.

A final part of the yoga practice is contemplation or meditation, which allows the mind to settle and the body to find a state of harmony. When Yoga is practised indoors a good quality essential oil diffuser can be used to induce a calm and harmonious atmosphere to complement and strengthen the action of meditation.

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